Monday, October 4, 2010

Great Blog I Found

I was surfuring from blog to blog, and found myself at Simpler Living. This blog is chock-full of tips, articles, and sites for living simpler. From eating healthy, to owning only 100 items, this place has it all! I am particularly interested in the articles teaching about purging the possessions that seem to be weighing me down. I have gotten rid of quite a bit, but there is still so much around me. Especially in the girls' rooms. So, tomorrow I will be purging for the second time this week, and hopefully will get rid of more. Quite a bit more. I have a good idea where I will start (6 year old's room), and I am gonna have to be sneaky about it. She is not fond of purge day! The last time I went through her room, she was crying in the front, agonizing over her departed toys. When the time came for her to check out her room, she couldn't figure out what was gone! Yep, she has that much!

After the 6 year olds room I am going to go into my room and start. It seems that is where our dumping ground is. Right where I lay to rest and sleep! Doesn't sound like a very relaxing environment to me!

When all is done, I am going to make a conscious effort to stop accumulating stuff. I am not a shopper, whatsoever, but I do enjoy the thrift shop every now and then. I pair of shoes for 1.00 seems too good to pass up, but then I know I will never wear them! This is my downfall, and I fear that I am passing it to my eldest daughter. I better stop now while they are all still young, or I might be in for some trouble later on down the road!

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