Thursday, October 7, 2010

Random Ramblings and Jumbled Thoughts

More homeschool books came today! You would think it was Christmas with all the excitement! My eldest can't wait for tomorrow, just so she can start her new books. Isn't it wonderful how exciting learning can be, when you make the environment a positive one? They are constantly doing something worthwhile with their time, whether it be Legos, crocheting, or sit down work. Their little minds are always working and learning!

The books we bought are the Rod & Staff Spelling workbook, and her Bible workbook. We really like this curriculum because of the simplicity of the books, and how reasonable the price is especially when you buy from Ebay. That is my secret tip of the day! Ebay is great for discounted homeschool books! I always check there before going to the publishers website. The savings really add up, even if it's a few dollars here and there.

I have been at a loss for what to do about history. I have read that living books are great, but where do I find them, and how do you know they are good books? I was thinking curriculum, but which one do I choose? It's all overwhelming! So, what am I doing in the mean time? Watching a lot of National Geographic shows, History Channel shows, and letting the girls watch Liberty's Kids. I cannot say enough about that cartoon. I am not sure on the accuracy of historical events, but I know they are learning the basics. After each cartoon, I ask them questions, and they can answer them pretty well. Right now they are watching about the Boston Tea Party, and when they are finished I am going to do a project with them to reinforce what they learned. Homeschooling at it's finest!

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