Saturday, July 11, 2009

My five favorite books....

1)My hubby bought me a book called Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Homemaking which is a how to book on EVERYTHING home. If you are at all interested in reading about how to keep your home clean, how to fold towels, or make your home "homey", this book is definitely for you!

2) I absolutely love me some sexy, sparkly vampires!!! If you are not sure what I am talking about(highly doubtful) here is a picture. I can read these books over and over and over again!

3)The Mark of the Lion series are awesome. I would say even better than Twilight, just because it could actually happen, and I LOVE Rome! It's full of the sweetest romance, war, and slavery. Such good books!

4)Siblings Without Rivalry has helped my many times when my kids just wont stop bickering. I was fortunate enough to find this book for fifty cents at the thrift store! Now I wont have to continue to wear out the library's copy! Anyway, I highly recommend this book to all who are or might consider parenting. It is THAT good.

5)OK readers. I saved the best for last. I love and dream about this series. It will make you love the characters like they are your best friends, and you will go on adventures together that feel all too real. If you have not read this, please do it. You will not be sorry. Trust me.

So there you have it. It was hard to pick just five books, but I did it. I know three of them are a series, but that's OK! It still counts! So now I am curious to see your favorite five.

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  1. I couldn't pick just five, it would be impossible. Seriously. I would have to divide it into categories: fave cookbook, fave novel, fave bio, fave memoirs, fave non-fiction, fave reference... and even then, it would be too difficult.

    Harry Potter, though. Definitely Harry!