Thursday, June 25, 2009

My most exciting deal this month!!

I finally got my coupon from Victoria Secret in the mail!! It took them forever to get the address right, but they did!! YAY! It was for a free Pink line pantie, and ten dollars off any Pink item. So I went there thinking I would just get the panties, because everything there was so expensive, and this is what I got. Except mine are pink...
But, that is not all! I found these sleepy shorts that have the feel of a ten year old t-shirt and just imagined myself wearing them in sleepy slumber. I looked at the price tag and is said $30! For a pair of shorts that would be long enough for my toddler to wear! GEEZ! Well we were walking around and there it was. A big sign that said "Shorts, $15 sale". Woo hoo! I so bought them! They are super cute, comfy, and very revealing. I will never ever ever wear these out in public!
Aren't they cute? And worth ten bucks, wouldn't you say?

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