Friday, June 19, 2009

Nutrition and such

I have always tried to eat healthy and be active but heck, life sneaks up on you and BAM, you're eating left over Thanksgiving turkey, and the last three slices of apple pie. Then just when you are getting back on track you have back to back birthdays with home made cake. I can't escape it. It's everywhere I look, haunts me in my dreams, and finds me in the most secluded of places. If you don't get what I am talking about, it is sweets. Anything containing butter, sugar, eggs, and maybe some chocolate and vanilla. I have some serious problems! I made a lemon cake that is the best you will ever eat, and I ate half of it in one and a half days. No will power is present in these genes!!

To try and do better, I re-subscribed to They track what you eat and show you how many calories, cholesterol, fat, protein, and all vitamins you are ingesting. Those first few days were a bit scary,I blame the Drumstick ice cream, and actually looking at what you ate and how many fat calories that adds up to, really puts things in perspective! Ever since, I have been tracking what I eat, and I have lost five pounderoos!!! And that is just in two weeks! If you want to lose weight, or eat healthy just because you should, I whole heartily recommend this site. It will help you stay on track, trust me!

I am also re-starting my Firm workout videos which I will also vouch for. I cannot say enough about them! They advertise results in 10 workouts, and it is oh so true! Go to your library, use your inter-library loan, and get these videos to try them out. You will be in lurrrve forever!


  1. It's pretty cool that you can use the internets to enrich your health routine. I might have to check out after all this graduation stuff: the cupcakes etc and of course Cupcake Saturday... poor Saucy is a little nervous to try on her jeans.... boo.

  2. Cupcakes, and crack corn, and Kit Kats, are all on the list of temptation! If I was there I would be hiding under the table with my plates full of food.