Monday, June 1, 2009

Little Luxuries causing chaos!

We belong to WIC for my 2 younger children. My "govment" cheese (joke between my friend and I) has supplied us with very precious food, and has helped keep us afloat. Well, this month I have realized my middle child is now five and therefore ineligible. Because of her age she was providing a lot of milk. Five gallons of it a month....gone! I found this out just this morning as I was putting doghnuts on plates and the kids were asking for milk. I told them "Keep dreaming kiddos, milk is a luxury." ! They pretty much think I am the evil queen on steroids for denying them their morning milk. Well, that is just fine. Now I just need to figure out what to do with our 3 gallons a month. I am thinking of buying full fat milk and diluting it, or just using it for cooking? We can get our calcium from other sources...cheese, broccoli, yogurt. I am just scared that I will find a carton of milk that has been relocated to my oldest girls closet. You know, just for "safe keeping".


  1. Wow 5 gallons a month, we go through 3 gallons a week! That's all my boys will drink, except for bottled water when they are outside playing. I'm probably killing you by saying "bottled water". LOL!

  2. LOL! Yeah, we do the Brita thing. We used to buy bottled water until we found this. We like it much better. The initial cost is a little pricey, but the refills last a long time.