Sunday, August 15, 2010

Going Independent....Homeschool that is!

We are homeschooling independent, and one thing I can say is it's very scary! The thought of being on my own, and not having a teacher to be accountable to is daunting. It was easy when we used a charter school, with the free materials and extra help, but it was time.....I guess. They sent my 5yr. old a letter of expulsion for not progressing in phonics (pretty ridiculous, I know), and that was the last straw. However, when I hear my friends getting all their brown boxes, and opening up their new books, I get a little sad. I have a thing for the brown boxes! I actually had my husband send them back because I knew I wouldn't be able to do it. I know myself well!

Since our decision I have been looking, and looking for curriculum to use for my 5th and 1st grader. All the choices are super overwhelming! I wonder how anyone can choose a single book to buy when there are so many others that are just as good. We have finally narrowed it down to Abeka, or Rod & Staff. Abeka has a flashy, colorful look that I like, but my husband likes the look of R&S and thinks it will work better for our girls, so that my be just the one for us. It's also the cheapest I have found. The thing I particularly like about the R&S books is it has a retro look to it, which I know my oldest daughter will appreciate. I think this is how they keep their prices so low, but that is only a guess. Hopefully we will be ordering soon, and I can post pictures of the happy little faces and their new books! The girls have been asking (more like begging) to do lessons, so they will be very excited! Wish me luck!

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