Monday, September 6, 2010

Grocery Shopping on the Cheap part 2

This is a list of what I make by hand. I try to do as much as I can, but I rely mostly on my best servant.....the bread machine! If you have never tried to make bread, you must try! It is unbelievably delicious, the texture is perfect, and you know exactly what you did, or didn't put into your bread.

-Pizza Dough
-Sandwich Bread (the recipe I am using now is down below on my blog)
-Snack Bread (Foccacia, Pretzels)
-Dinner Rolls
-French Bread
-Salad Dressings
-Tomato Sauce
-Pancakes, Waffles
-Pie Crust
...and so on. There are too many to list, but I am sure you catch my drift.

Now for what I have spent in groceries...

Ground Turkey - 4.56
Sweet Italian Sausage - 3.88
Chicken Breast- 8.09
Rice Crispies(for granola bars) - 1.75
Cocoa Puffs - 1.88
Cinnamon Toast Crunch - 1.79
Pepperoni - 3.25
Applesauce - 1.99
Tomato Paste (2)- .82
Salsa - 1.78
Cream of Chicken Soup - .76
Cream Cheese - 1.78
Vanilla Ice Cream - 2.78
Crushed Pineapple - 1.39
Mozzarella Cheese 2.73
Pizza Sauce (2)- 2.92
Parsley Flakes - 1.84
Sour Cream - 2.96
Limes - .10
Lemon - .28
Flax Seed - 1 pound for .70
Almonds - 1 pound for 3.28
Bell Pepper (5)- 1.90
Popsicles - 1.65
Green Onions - .38
Banana - 1.76
Fuji Apples - 5.00
Vanilla Yogurt - 2.75
Farmers Market - 18.00
Basil - Free from garden
Oregano - Free from garden

Grand Total= $82.75 for two weeks

We buy a lot of our food in bulk, so I still have a lot of ingredients on hand. The next grocery shopping bill will include all my ingredients for baking. We buy 20 pounds of flour, 10 pounds of white and brown sugar, and our canned goods once a month from Costco. It is cheaper to do it this way, and I seem to never run out of flour!! It used to drive me crazy when I went to bake something and I had no flour! Such a bummer! I will also restock any other supplies, such as baking powder, yeast, baking soda, ect. Also, if I see something on sale that I usually buy, then I will get quite a few to have on stock. If you look at my grocery receipt, ground turkey is on there but I didn't plan on getting it. It was on sale from 5.00 to 2.28, so I bought two. Score!!

I am looking at what I bought, and it seems we have a lot of meat on there! We usually don't buy a lot of meat, but my husband requested his favorite meals, and it ended up being the ones with animals in them. I try to make at least four vegetarian meals a week, but that's just because we like our veggies!

I will start posting all my favorite recipes for you to try. I have a few really good ones that you will love!

If you made it this far, I am happy! Please comment any questions, and blog post recommendations are always welcome!

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  1. I commend you on your hard work and stewardship. I love it when I get a good sale too!