Thursday, September 2, 2010

What's Cookin'

I kinda forget about menu planning this week, so that is why the lack of a menu. So instead, everyday I have to figure out what to make with what I have on hand, which is no easy task. I don't have that special gift of knowing what kind of foods to put together to make a great meal. I need a recipe to work with, and if I am lucky like I was tonight, I will find one that I can make without going to the grocery store. So, here is what I made that is always a great vegetarian dinner. That is if you already have your Chinese food essentials!

Chinese Fried Rice

Makes about 8 main dish servings

2 cups water
4 cups rice ( I used brown jasmine rice)
3 T peanut oil, divided
4 eggs beaten
2-3 cups veggies (whatever you have on hand. Carrots, zucchini, bell pepper, mushrooms, bean sprouts, get the picture!)
4 green onions, sliced
3-4 cloves of garlic (we love garlic, so more is best!)
1/4 t crushed dried chili
4T soy sauce ( I use Tamari. I find it has a better flavor)
4T rice vinegar

Bring water to a boil in a large saucepan. Add uncooked rice, return to the boil, reduce heat. Cover and simmer until rice is tender and water is absorbed, allowing 15 minutes for long grain white rice, and 35 minutes for brown rice.

Heat 2 T oil in a wok or frying pan. Add beaten egg and cook, without stirring, for about 2 minutes, or until set. Invert pan to remove egg; cut into strips. Set aside.

Add 2 T oil to the same pan and stir-fry your veggies until crisp-tender. Keep in mind that some vegetables cook faster than others. So, for example, your carrots will cook for a few minutes then add your broccoli. Remove from wok.

Add remaining oil; stir-fry green onion, garlic, and crushed dried chili for 30 seconds. Add rice and cook for 2 minutes more. Return egg strips and veggies to wok; add soy sauce and vinegar. Cover and cook for 2 minutes more, or until heated through. Serve immediately.

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